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Win more business with B2B SaaS companies.

Discover, contact, and close deals with B2B software firms in your ideal customer profile within a universe of 92,000+ B2B SaaS companies. 

How it works

1. Aggregate companies

We filter through thousands of sources and pinpoint B2B SaaS firms. Most of these companies aren't labelled as "Software" in other platforms, making them hard to find during prospecting.

2. In-depth research

We find detailed prospecting information on each company and their decision makers so you can efficiently identify B2B software companies that are in your ideal customer profile.

3. Access exactly what you need

Easily export data into your prospecting, retargeting, or enrichment workflows and begin reaching out to thousands of new B2B SaaS companies right away.

How it Works



Every company added to SaaSDig has been manually entered and hand-checked for validity. We have a large team of researchers that work around the clock to consistently add new companies and key contacts.


The ability to filter and sort by company and contact fields enables you to find target B2B SaaS firms that exactly line up with your ideal customer profiles.

Target just B2B SaaS

Over 90% of the companies we source aren't categorized as "Software" in other prospecting databases, which means you're missing out on contacting most of your ideal B2B SaaS prospects without SaaSDig.

Easily Exportable

Pull all the right companies and Founder/CEO contacts into your outbound messaging (and re-targeting) campaigns within minutes and begin reaching out right away.  

Sortable by Category

We identify the category of every software company, which enables you write personalized and relevant outreach to prospects who share similarities across your best customers.

Unlimited access

Cost-effectively supplement your current prospecting tools and unlock thousands of companies in your total addressable B2B software target audience immediately.

We dig up the B2B Software companies other platforms miss

There's a universe of B2B SaaS companies that aren't showing up in your filters in mainstream prospecting databases. We find thousands of these companies that aren't categorized properly and help you reach out to their decision makers right away. Watch the video to learn more about our process.

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel

Find a gold mine of great new prospects and close more deals

Export newly uncovered data into your prospecting workflows, then watch your pipeline with ideal B2B SaaS prospects skyrocket with your new lead flow and personalization capabilities.

What’s included

New B2B SaaS companies added weekly
Our team works around the clock to find new B2B SaaS companies to add into the SaaSDig ecosystem.
Continuously verified information
We continuously verify company websites and Founder/CEO email addresses to ensure you're working with the freshest output at all times.
Intuitive interface
Sorting and filtering through your company criteria takes a couple clicks of the mouse so you can hone in on exactly what you're looking for.
Up-and-running in minutes
Once you have credits assigned to you, it takes a few minutes to build your initial target lists and export them to begin using in outreach. 
Saved search updates
Save your top company filter searches and come back to them whenever you'd like for easy access at all times.
Email notifications
Be notified when new companies are added to your saved filters so you can begin prospecting into them right away.
In-depth company details

We find each company's name, description, software category, website, LinkedIn profile, number of employees, and HQ location​.

99% accurate contact details at all times

We find the CEO/Founder's name, valid email address, and LinkedIn profile URL to make outreach easy.

Traditional prospecting sources
(Sales Navigator, Apollo, Crunchbase, etc.)

Updated infrequently
Inaccurately sourced via robotic web scraping
Difficult to use for outreach out-of-the-box
Company  aren't sortable at a granular level 
Excludes (and wrongly includes) up to 100,000+ miscategorized companies

Your prospecting sources + SaaSDig

Updated frequently
99% accurate and sourced by hand from humans
Use in your prospecting workflow right away
Unlimited access to all companies and contacts
Sortable by company and contact filters
Every company is hand-checked to ensure they provide a B2B SaaS offering 

Frequently asked questions

How exactly is the output collected?

We have hundreds of lead researchers that scan thousands of sources every month for new B2B SaaS software companies.

We then visit hundreds of thousands of software company's websites and other official data sources and verify each SaaS company's details to curate this output. We then hand-verify each company's CEO/Founder contact information and format this into export-friendly output for you to leverage in outreach immediately. 

How can I begin using SaaSDig right away?

All companies and key contacts are ready to be imported into your CRM, prospecting, marketing, or sales/email automation tools. You can also find adjacent contacts for every company on LinkedIn from the company LinkedIn profile or use this data in account based marketing or paid advertisement retargeting campaigns. 

How does SaaSDig compare to traditional prospecting databases?

Please see the chart above for a direct comparison between SaaSDig and the tools you're probably already using. SaaSDig is meant to be used in tandem with your other tooling as a supplementary resource to ensure you have full coverage of all addressable B2B SaaS companies in your ideal client profile.

What pieces of information are included?​​

  • Company Name

  • Company Description

  • Company Industry

  • Company Website

  • Company LinkedIn Profile

  • Company Size (Number of employees)

  • Company Headquarters Location

  • Company funding (coming soon)

  • CEO/Founder name

  • CEO/Founder valid email address

  • CEO/Founder LinkedIn profile

How often is SaaSDig updated?

We add hundreds of newly discovered companies and contacts to SaaSDig each week. We clean all companies on a monthly basis and remove all companies and contacts that are no longer valid. This helps ensure you're leveraging the most up-to-date information at all times.

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